The Endless M
— by author Dustin Hendrick


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UnSorted Media Group, through its imprints and retail outlets—Rose Books, St Boniface Press, Reflexion Publications, and CandleLighter Books—is committed to sourcing unique voices that can remind us that despite our superficial differences, we are always able to find common ground in our shared human experience.


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Rose Books believes well told stories remind us of our shared experiences as human beings and have the power to change lives. We specialize in fiction, memoir, leadership, business, and sports.

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St Boniface Press is exclusively dedicated to publishing thoughtful manuscripts for readers attuned to their spiritual nature. Solace seekers, believers, spiritually minded “nones,” and curious souls, will find titles that help connect them to ideas and meditations that help develop spiritual insight and self-discovery.

We publish titles from all faith traditions as well as titles that challenge faith.

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Reflexion Publications is dedicated to helping authors transform oral history into permanent, written history. Whether through memoir, story, or the investigation of local lore, Reflexion Publications offers authors a range of services to assist them with the personal publication process.

Our team understands that writing and publishing can be an intimidating process. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you with your book project.

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